Mpika Village of Hope

For the children of Mpika, Zambia, from the heart of Queensbury, Bradford

Mpika Village of Hope provides a home for orphaned children.

It is the only orphanage remaining in the Northern Province of Zambia for children and young babies who would not have survived if not for the care they have received at the hands of our committed staff.


Esnart Mumba is estimated to be age 11. Her Father died and her Mother who has mental health issues sadly doesn't recognise that she has a daughter.  Esnart was found living alone and spending some nights in other villager's homes. She had barely any food and a few items of clothing donated from local teachers.  Social welfare intervened after a teacher requested help. Esnart loved school but but lacked support.

She was brought to us in November 2021, here she is in her new school uniform she is doing well in class three at our school. 


This little beauty arrived in December 2021 after she was picked up walking alone at the station. She told us her name was Miniver. Through searching, we discovered her Mother had severe mental health problems and had abandoned Miniver no longer wanting to or having the capability to take care of her. Not being able to establish her surname we have decided on Mutolwa meaning 'just picked'.

Since the opening of the orphanage in 2004 we have:
extended the building to home more children
built a school hall
installed a new improved water borehole supplying clean water to the school and orphanage

We are busy building a second Orphanage so we can provide a home for more children in need of our help.