For the children of Mpika, Zambia, from the heart of Queensbury, Bradford

Shop Floor Ninjas

We couldn't be a team without our amazing volunteers who work hard to tidy, organise stock and run the shop floor. They all come from varied backgrounds and we love each and every one of them!

Angel in Africa

Jenny is co-founder of Mpika Relief Fund Village of Hope and director of the project's activities in Zambia. Jenny was born and raised in Mpika, and is a trained nurse, midwife, hospital administrator and health educator. She received most of her training in England so she has excellent communication skills with both local people and English supporters. She came to England initially to train and obtain a degree and on a subsequent visit to the UK, she met June Martin, a beautiful friendship blossomed and she co-founded the Mpika Relief Fund Village of Hope. Jenny has a huge heart and works hard taking care of the children over in Zambia, making sure each and every one of them gets the support they need.

Head of Clan

Olga worked for the NHS for a number of years before joining Mpika. We like to think of her as the Matriarch and with support from the trustees, shop staff and our amazing volunteers, she oversees all aspects of the Mill shop and the charity. She is the greatest organiser, has two very cute dogs and a smile for everyone, an all-round lovely lady!

Chief Shop Floor Ninja

Sue worked for a care home before joining Mpika to help on the shop floor and in the office. She is THE Chief Ninja on the shop floor and you will usually find her underneath mountains of donations busily and happily organising it all for our customers!


Brian sits on the board of Trustees and handles finance and general administration.   He has been involved with the charity for many years and has sponsored the new year marathons and organises the Denholme Doddle challenge walk in aid of Mpika.   Brian is a freelance computer programmer, has run 126 marathons himself and has dodgy knees.  


Tina sits on the board of Trustees and has been a stalwart for Mpika for many years. She is often found running the Tombola when the fairs are taking place or telling tales of her trip to Zambia. Alongside her Trustee and Volunteer work with Mpika, Tina co-presents The Afternoon Stretch with Alan Keeling, Senior Moments with Valerie Cosgrave and The Scribe Show on BCB Radio. 

Queen Metalhead

Rose volunteers her time for Mpika in the Mill and sits on the board of trustees. She can usually be found tidying the clothes rails. She is not always a fan of the shop floor music and can often be seen changing it to AC/DC. 

Chief Mediator

Julie is our chair for the trustees. She was a primary teacher for 20 years and took retirement a little early deciding she wanted to work in the voluntary sector. Alongside her trustee and volunteer work with Mpika, Julie also volunteers for Marie Curie and is part of a project through the YMCA mentoring vulnerable female children. She is a calming influence on the team and has an excellent taste in coats!